Carpet Spot and Stain Removal Tips From Clean Zone

Carpet Steam Cleaning Companies

The process of spot removal can range from fairly easy to incredibly difficult. Spots may be defined as unwanted substances in carpet that are dry, water soluble or solvent soluble. Unfortunately, there really is no magic spot remover that works on all spots. Clean Zone has been doing spot and stain removal since 1997, and we quickly learned that we had to keep an arsenal of spot removal agents with us at all times.

To help our clients in Gainesville and the towns in and around Alachua County we can provide tips over the phone and we have provided a link to a spot removal guide published by Shaw, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer.

One thing that makes spot and stain removal more difficult is the length of time that the spot has been on the carpet. The longer any foreign substance stays on the carpet, the greater the chance of it causing a permanent stain. A stain is usally permanent (but may be removed with advanced techniques). Spots, left for too long may become stains. So please DO NOT let spots stay on your carpet any longer than you must.

If you would like to know more, call Clean Zone at 352-380-0102.

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