Wood Cleaning and Polishing in Gainesville and Alachua County

Clean Zone - Gainesville FL carpet Cleaning (58)

If you have hardwood or engineered wood floors that look dull or dirty there is hope! If you thought your only option to make them shine again was sanding, we have great news. Our process deep cleans and etches the urethane top coat, which readies it for a special polish which contains urethane solids. Our process is dust free so there is no mess left behind.

This process helps with scuffs and light scratches but will not remove deep scratches through the urethane top coat or wear that has removed the urethane.

The Clean Zone wood cleaning and polishing service can be completed on an average home in one day. The newly polished wood floors are ready for light foot traffic one hour after polishing.

Wood floor sanding and refinishing is no longer the only option to making your hardwood beautiful again! For free information or to schedule a free estimate call Clean Zone today!

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