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Professional Carpet Steam Cleaner

How steam pro carpet cleaning is a more environmentally friendly and safe way to clean carpets. Traditionally, carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals which can be harmful to your health and the environment. Professional carpet steam cleaner, the steam pro uses only water, removing dirt without any chemical residue at all!

Steam cleaners are becoming increasingly popular in the home, helping people all around the world to clean their carpets easily and effectively. This steam pro carpet cleaner is an excellent machine that will have your carpets looking great in no time at all.

Methods for Stain Removal from Different Types of Fabric
Methods for Stain Removal from Different Types of Fabric

What is a steam cleaner and how does it work?

Steam cleaners use pressurized water to clean surfaces effectively and quickly, removing dirt and other harmful contaminants from your home without any chemicals at all. This means that not only do they clean without chemicals, but they are also much safer for you and your family to use around the home.

Steam cleaners contain an internal boiler which heats up the water inside until it becomes pressurized steam. This means that when the trigger is pressed on the handle of the machine, almost boiling hot water can be released onto any surface you choose to clean. The pressure of the water hitting surfaces under high temperatures cleans more effectively, removing dirt without the need for any chemical cleaning agents at all.

The benefits of using a steam cleaner to clean your carpets

There are many benefits to using steam cleaners to clean your carpets, here are just a few:

  • The lack of chemicals means that the steam cleaner is  much safer for you and your family, but also better for the environment. No harsh chemical residue will be left on your carpets, improving the air quality in your home and making it a much healthier place to live.
  • Steam cleaners have been proven to work better than strong chemical solutions, meaning not only will your carpet look amazing when you’ve finished using the steam pro, but it will also last longer too.
  • The high pressure and powerful bursts of high temperature steam clean your carpets much more effectively than standard vacuum cleaners, removing dirt and other contaminants from deep inside the fibers to leave them looking almost like new again.
  • The pressure of the steam combined with high temperatures kills 99% of germs and bacteria living in your carpets and upholstery, making this a great way to sanitize your home and make it a much healthier place to live.

How to use the steam pro carpet cleaner

It’s just as simple as filling up the water tank at the back of the machine with water and then switching on using the power button on its handle. The dual tank system which is included with this machine allows you to use either steam, or just regular water to clean your carpets. When using the steam setting, the trigger on the handle needs to be held down until it pops up, allowing almost boiling hot pressurized water to be released onto any surface you choose. When finished, simply release the trigger and allow the used steam to be expelled safely into the atmosphere.

The steam pro carpet cleaner is environmentally friendly, safe for your family to use and much better than using harsh chemical solutions which can leave residues on surfaces which not only harms the environment, but also leaves surfaces much dirtier than before in some cases! With just water being used, the steam pro is a great way to safely sanitize your home and enjoy naturally clean carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Cleaning
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