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If now is a good time to research a tile cleaning team, you should look for a few important characteristics. Our tile cleaners in Gainesville at Clean Zone give you numerous benefits:

  • Family owned business
  • Great craftsmanship and detail-oriented
  • Deeply experienced with upholstery, tile, and flooring
  • Quality, safe cleaning materials
  • Deeply experienced tile cleaning pros

Our team of tile cleaning masters at Clean Zone are precisely the tile and grout cleaners you need. We are not completed with your tile cleaning project until you are satisfied with our work. Call us over today and we will get answers to your questions for tile cleaning.

Tile Cleaning Cost in Gainesville

Our experts are laser focused on ensuring our tile cleaning services and products are as cost-effective as possible at great quality. We have tile cleaning machinery ready to go for just about any budget, so we can surely assist you to choose a tile cleaning plan that works for your house.

Any floor cleaning project is unique in its details. These characteristics impact the budget of your tile cleaning project.

  • Breadth of tile cleaning project in feet
  • Location of tiles and ease of access
  • Level of grime and additional details like grout cleaning required

Our company of tile cleaning professionals would be happy to help you with your tile cleaning project. Bring us in call today!

Say yes to scrubbing, no to acid

At Clean Zone, we strive to find the perfect balance between cleaning agents that are both effective and environmentally friendly. Many cleaners use harsh chemicals or avoid the labor-intensive scrubbing step, but not us.

Through our years of experience, we’ve observed the damage to grout and stone that acid-based chemicals can cause.

While acid-based cleaners may appear to be doing a great job at first, they’re actually permanently removing the surface layers of the grout, revealing the color below. This causes grout to re-soil more rapidly, and the damage can be observed as the grout gully gets deeper and deeper.

Acid-based cleaners, even mild ones, also damage natural stone. The Tile Counsel of North America says, “Grout manufacturers do not advocate the use of acids because they attack the cement in the grout. Generally, it is best to employ an experienced professional for this type of work. Also, acid that is too strong can strip some color out of grout.”

The Tile Counsel of North America goes on to say, “there are tile installers that remove very stubborn stains on grout with an acid (like straight vinegar or a stronger acid). There they have elected to dissolve the top layer of grout molecules so the stain is no longer attached to anything. While this works, it is not recommended by the grout manufacturers”.

This process can sometimes lead to a need for an entire re-grout. Put your tile, stone and grout in good hands with Clean Zone. Call us today at 352-380-0102.

Tile cleaning steps

  • Pre-inspection

  • Pre-treating with stone and grout-safe alkaline detergents

  • Agitation – scrubbing each grout line

  • High-pressure clean, rinse and flush

  • Post-inspection

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