Located at 2841 E. University Ave., Fred Cone Park Gainesville is the city’s only public multipurpose sports field. The track infield features areas for track events and practices, as well as areas for other sports. Youth and adult teams can practice and participate in various meets and events. The field has the capability to hold water after significant rain events. It also features an outdoor swamp scene that serves as a theme for the children’s area. Check this out

Recreation center opened in 2013

The new Recreation center at Fred Cone Park was built with the hopes of attracting visitors and preserving the city’s historic landscape. The center features a track and multipurpose athletic field and restroom facilities. Its name honors former city commissioner and mayor Fred Cone. Discussions surrounding the project date back to 1995. It will include a new basketball court and a track. The park will also host community events such as Juneteenth celebrations, Fall Festivals, and other events.

The Cone Park Library Resource Center is the third Family Resource Center operated by PSF. It opened in December 2013 and is staffed by a Resource Center Manager. The Cone Park branch is surrounded by Fred Cone Park, which features both indoor and outdoor recreational facilities. Hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m.

Children’s area is designed to evoke an outdoor swamp scene of old Florida

The children’s area at Fred Cone Park Gainingsville is themed to evoke an outdoor swamp scene of old-Florida. In addition to books and computers, this facility features a notary and fax service, a children’s activity center, and dedicated spaces for teens and children. The library’s newest addition includes more public restrooms than any other branch. See More Information

Multipurpose field

The multipurpose field at Fred Cone Park is a great place to play track and field. It’s on the east side of Gainesville, near the Morningside Nature Center. The field is lit and includes areas for track events and practice. The field can accommodate both youth and adult sports. It also has an infield for track events and can hold water after significant rain events. Here are the top reasons to play track and field at Fred Cone Park.

Another reason to topdress with organic compost is the reduction of fertilizer and irrigation demands. This will help prevent water shortages and algal blooms in surface waters. This research team chose Fred Cone Park because of its size and budget restrictions. They wanted to test a common field in the city. They used a compost-rich topdressing that slowed the growth of weeds and increased the soil’s quality.

Library branch

The Fred Cone Park Branch is located in East Gainesville. It is the third Family Resource Center of PSF and opened its doors in December 2013. The Resource Center is staffed by a Resource Center Manager. The library is surrounded by Fred Cone Park, which offers many indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities. Hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday-Friday. On weekends, the library is open longer hours and offers special programming.

The community center at the Fred Cone Park Branch is a social support center that compliments library services. It provides notary and fax services and provides regular food and clothing distribution. It also offers activities and assistance with obtaining government aid. The center also serves the community with materials for children and adults with disabilities. The center was recently recognized for its efforts in helping those in need of assistance. For more information about the Cone Park Resource Center, visit the website below. Read Much More

Driving Direction from Clean Zone to Fred Cone Park

Driving Direction from Fred Cone Park to Sweetwater Wetlands park