Lake Alto Park in Waldo FL

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to spend your afternoon, look no further than the picturesque Lake Alto Park in Waldo FL. Located at 17800 NE 134th Pl, the park is a popular destination for wakeboarding, fishing, and relaxing. If you prefer less thick forest, head to the right side of the lake. This section of the park is less dense. Read on to learn more about this beautiful park!

Watercraft launch facilities

In the city of Waldo, FL, you can launch a watercraft at one of the two boat launches at Lake Alto Park. There are a couple of reasons why you should use this watercraft launch. First, it’s close to town. This park is located on 17800 NE 134th Place. Additionally, the park provides a boat ramp with a sandy bottom. There are also several hiking trails in the area. The LEAFS walking trail along the lake is particularly nice.

There are no picnic facilities or watercraft launch facilities at Lake Alto Preserve, but there is a dock for those with their own watercraft. This park has several hiking trails through the native longleaf pine ecosystem. The waterway is about sixteen feet deep. In addition, non-resident boaters are allowed to use its boat ramp. Watercraft launch facilities at Lake Alto Park Waldo, FL

Hiking trails

Near Waldo, FL, is the great hiking and biking park Lake Alto Park. You can take a stroll around the lake, have a picnic, and fish on the nearby water. This park offers several hiking trails that wind through the native longleaf pine ecosystem. There are two entrances to Lake Alto Park, and ample parking. There are also boat ramps for non-residents. The hiking trails are mostly secluded. A fantastic read!

This park is located at NE 134th Place, and has a boat ramp, sandy bottom, and walking trails. There is also a LEAFS walking trail that runs by the lake. It has a sandy bottom, and is perfect for swimming and fishing. There are also entrances to canals, which played a big part in the economic development of the region in the 19th century.

Boat launch

Non-residents can access the lake through a boat launch located at Lake Alto Park, located at 134th Place and N.E. 134th Street, just south of Waldo. The waterway is about sixteen feet deep and there are hiking trails through the park. Nearby residents took me for a tour of the lake and the nature preserve. The park is also a good place to catch a fish or two.

The lake’s sandy bottom makes it ideal for swimming and fishing. The lake also has a few alligators. The area is also known for the entrances of its canals, which played an important role in the development of the region in the late 19th century. At the south end of the lake, the canal connects to Little Santa Fe Lake, which then leads to Melrose Bay. To the north, the park has a jetty, a lighted dock, and restrooms.

Picnic area

There is plenty to do at the Picnic area at Lake Alto Park in Waldo, FL. If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy a picnic and relax, try the lakeside area. The lake is deep enough for a boat, but the park also offers hiking trails and a LEAFS display. If you’re not interested in boating, you can fish from the shoreline or simply stroll the trails by the lake.

In the late 1800s, the area was dotted with canals and rivers. The Santa Fe Canal, a waterway in the region, connected the cities of Waldo and Lake Alto. These canals allowed people to transport products and mail, but were quickly abandoned as primary transportation. In the late 19th century, the canals were used to connect the lakes to facilitate rail traffic. The Santa Fe Canal Company was formed in 1877. The canal connected Lake Alto with Little Santa Fe Lake, which leads to Melrose Bay. Today, the canal is a popular spot for picnicking.


If you’re looking for a great place to go boating in Waldo, Florida, look no further than Lake Alto Park. This lake is home to many different activities, including fishing, hiking, and boating. You’ll also find picnic areas and a boat ramp at this park. If you’re interested in boating on the lake, you’ll find that the right side of the forest is less dense than the left.

The lake itself is incredibly serene and has a soft sandy bottom, making it an ideal spot for fishing and swimming. You may even encounter a few alligators! The canal system was built to provide an excellent transportation network for the growing city of Waldo and surrounding communities. In the 19th century, canals played a large role in the development of the area, and Lake Alto’s main entrance connected the canal system with the Little Santa Fe Lake. Once you’ve sailed into the lake, you’ll find gazebos, picnic tables, and park BBQ grills.

History of the canal

The canal was completed on March 9, 1881. Early travelers could visit local farms by steam boat and buy produce that could be shipped by rail to northern markets. Oranges were one of the major crops that were shipped through the canal, but in the 1890s the Big Freeze destroyed most of the citrus groves. Ultimately, lumber hauling, shipping flowering plants and pleasure cruises became the only sources of income for the canal.

This natural waterway is good for fishing and swimming. In the late 19th century, canals were an important part of the economy of the area, and they remain a prominent feature of the landscape. There are a number of canals in the area, which connect to the lake, which has a sandy bottom. The history of the canal at Lake Alto Park is fascinating, and the many paved walkways and pathways that lead to the lake are well worth the time and effort. Browse next article!

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