If you’re looking for a nature trail in the heart of Gainesville, Florida, you’ve come to the right place. This park offers hiking trails through a variety of natural communities, including xeric hammock, floodplain swamp, and baygall. The trails also cross pine flatwoods and pasture. Nearby state conservation land makes it a fantastic spot for birding and wildlife watching. The park is open daily and has daily hours. Visit This Page

Nature trails

Explore the nature trails at Gum Root Park in Gainesville, Florida, to learn about the native plants, wildlife, and more. This 741-acre park features a multitude of natural communities, including floodplain swamp, baygall, xeric hammock, and pasture. Several trails wind through this beautiful park, which is adjacent to hundreds of acres of state conservation land. Birding is one of the many activities you can take part in here.


Gum Root Park Gainesville is home to 741 acres of mostly floodplain swamp. A loop trail takes you through a variety of different natural communities, including baygall, blackwater stream, and xeric hammock. The park also features interpretive materials and a picnic pavilion. The park is a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors and observe wildlife. It is located on the northern shore of Newnans Lake, so you can walk to it from the park’s parking area.


If you’re looking for a place to go fishing in the Florida panhandle, consider fishing at Gum Root Park Gainesville. This 741-acre park, located just north of Gainesville, is home to a variety of wildlife and a number of different habitats. It features a cypress swamp, baygall, and xeric hammock, as well as pasture and pine flatwoods. It has limited parking, a picnic pavilion, and interpretive materials. See More Tips


If you are interested in kayaking or canoeing, you can take advantage of the many available opportunities in Gainesville. This park is 741 acres of mostly floodplain swamp. Trails wind through baygall, xeric hammock, and cypress swamp, as well as a portion of the pasture. The park features limited parking, picnic areas, and interpretive materials. It also features a small wildlife observation center.


If you’re interested in hiking in Gainesville, Florida, you’ve probably heard about Gum Root Park. This 741-acre park, situated on the northern shore of Newnans Lake, is home to several hiking trails that wind through a variety of natural communities. These include baygall, xeric hammock, and floodplain swamp. Hikers can also enjoy the park’s interpretive materials and picnic pavilion.


For a fun bike ride in Gainesville, try Biking in Gum Root Park. This beautiful nature preserve, which measures 741 acres of mostly floodplain swamp, features trails that wind through diverse natural communities. From a blackwater stream to a baygall swamp to pine flatwoods, you’ll discover a wide range of terrain. There are multiple trails and picnic areas for your convenience.


Located across the road from the Newnans Lake Conservation Area, Gum Root Nature Park offers visitors a relaxing and natural experience. The park has trails that wind through diverse natural communities, including floodplain swamp, baygall, and xeric hammock. It has a picnic pavilion and interpretive materials and open to the public during daylight hours. Visitors can hike or bike along the park’s trails to observe wildlife and birdlife.

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The Gainesville Regional Airport is a public airport located three miles northeast of Gainesville in Alachua County. Its main feature is a beautiful forested oasis with hiking trails, boardwalks, and a playground. The park is also equipped with multiple grills and picnic shelters. In addition, the park has several amenities for visitors and locals alike, including a free shuttle and WiFi. Next article

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