A forested oasis lies at the northwestern edge of Gainesville, and the city recently transferred this park to Alachua County. It features hiking trails, boardwalks, a playground, multiple grills, and a picnic shelter. It is a great place to enjoy a picnic or simply sit back and relax. You can also enjoy a great meal here, because you can rent a picnic shelter and enjoy a grilled meal under the trees. See More Info

Bivens Arm Nature Park

If you’re looking for a day trip in Gainesville, Florida, there are many places you can visit. Bivens Arm Nature Park is just a 7-minute drive from downtown Gainesville. This 81-acre park is home to many different types of wildlife, including frogs and turtles. It’s also a great place for people to go bird-watching.

This Gainesville, Florida nature park is one of the best in the region, offering hiking trails and boardwalks. The park is located on the northwestern edge of Gainesville and has multiple picnic shelters and a playground. The Gary R. Junior Pavilion adjoins the willow marsh. There’s also a boardwalk along the edge of the marsh. You can also enjoy your picnic lunch in the park’s outdoor seating. Read This

Bivens Arm is another Gainesville nature park with shaded picnic grounds, an observation pavilion, and a network of trails. The park connects the southern creeks and features a 1,200-foot boardwalk through the marshes. There’s also restrooms for visitors. Another option is the Gainesville-Hawthorne State Rail Trail, which is seventeen miles of abandoned railways that have been converted into public hiking and biking trails. The Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail starts at Boulware Springs Park and winds through Paynes Prairie. https://www.cleanzoneclean.com/

Clear Lake Nature Park

There’s nothing quite like a hike or a bike ride through the clear waters of Clear Lake Nature in Gainesville. This 17-acre park has plenty to offer nature lovers. The area is particularly popular for bird watching and butterflies. You can also try your luck at spotting alligators in the lake’s Newnans Lake. Moovit, a free public transportation app, is an excellent choice for getting around the area.

The park’s extensive wetlands provide habitat for forest wildlife. It’s located between SW 62nd Boulevard and the old University Avenue communities. The park’s two marshes are home to many wading birds. A short walk through the shady trails leads to Colclough Pond, which you can pronounce as “coke-lee.” The shoreline is protected by a nature preserve, making this a great place to take the kids for a hike.

Sunland Center State Park

Located in the city of Gainesville, Florida, Palm point Park is a 8.1-acre park that’s perfect for families to visit. Located in the heart of Gainesville, it offers ample green spaces, picnic tables, and other activities for everyone to enjoy. Although it’s small in size, Palm Point Park has plenty of amenities to keep kids and parents happy, and is just a short walk from Sunland Center State Park, Gum Root Park, and Sweetwater Wetlands.

The city of Los Angeles has also made a conscious effort to preserve its historic character, and Palm point Park Gainesville has been the perfect place for it. In the early nineteenth century, the town was a railroad-oriented market. It was later transformed into a university town, and its historic downtown suffered from insensitive redevelopment. However, its preservationists and city government have attempted to reconcile progress with preservation to protect its historical buildings.

Newnans Lake Conservation Area

The Newnans Lake Conservation Area in Palm Point, Gainesville, Florida is a scenic, diverse tract of land encompassing over 6,500 acres. This area offers many recreational opportunities, including hiking and biking trails, fishing, canoeing, and horseback riding. It also features a small boat launching ramp and picnicking areas. Newnans Lake also protects the quality of the water and diverse natural communities.

The property encompasses nearly two miles of shoreline, as well as parts of Hatchet Creek and Little Hatchet Creek. Several types of wetlands can be found on the property, including dome swamps and depression marshes. The area also features a large basin swamp known locally as Gum Root Swamp. The area is a great place to observe nature, birdlife, and wildlife.

The Morningside Nature Center is Gainesville’s premier nature park, featuring one of the last remaining fire-dependent longleaf pine woodlands in the area. During spring and summer months, it features six miles of trails through flatwoods, cypress domes, and sandhill habitats. You can enjoy a stunning display of wildflowers as you hike the trails. There’s also a variety of wildlife to observe, including deer and turkey. The park is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Refer to This Site

Driving Direction from Clean Zone to Palm Point Park

Driving Direction from Palm Point Park to Owen Illinois Park