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When it comes to carpet cleaning for your North Central Florida home, no one has more experience than the team at Clean Zone.  The fresh rinse alternative has been given to you by Clean Zone since 1997. For removing some soil or other toxins, we use Green Seal Certified, Procyon pre-conditioners on your carpets, along with a chemical-free, super-heated clean. MORE GREEN, MORE CLEAN! We stand by our motto. Today, email us to get underway.

At Clean Zone, we stand behind our jobs. Our primary objective is 100 percent customer satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with our operation, we’ll clean you up for FREE!

When it comes to supplying greater North Central Florida and Gainesville with carpet cleaning perfection, no one has more expertise than the Clean Zone squad! There are a number of pollutants in the outdoor air, including spores, algae, microbes, air contamination, tobacco smoking, vehicle emissions, and many other chemicals. They will reach your home and fall on your carpet with these spores. In addition to all this, certain cleaners use additives that can damage the fabric, leaving residue that absorbs soil, just making it worse.

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