Squirrel Ridge Park in Gainesville, FL

Squirrel Ridge Park is a wonderful public park located in Gainesville, Florida. It is a great place for families to have picnics, play sports, or simply get out of the house. The park also has a dog park so your furry friends can run free. Discover More about Florida here!

Dog park

If you want to take your dogs for some off-leash fun, Squirrel Ridge Park is the perfect place to go. It offers a fenced area, playground, and lots of trees and space for your dog to run around.

The park has two separate areas for large and small dogs. There are also water fountains, kiddie pools, and lots of shade.

In addition to the dog play area, Squirrel Ridge Park has an outdoor memorial trail with benches and commemorative garden stones. This is a great place to take your pet for some exercise, especially on a hot day.

Another popular dog park in Gainesville is Northeast Park. It is a hidden gem. It features pines and oaks adorned with Spanish moss. You can rest on the benches, relax in the park, or play in the playground.

Outdoor features

Squirrel Ridge Park in Gainesville, FL, is a beautiful, well-maintained park. It features a small memorial garden, a playground, and a fully fenced dog park. There are also shaded benches around the area for a break.

The Park also features a nature trail, a skate park, two volleyball courts, and a picnic shelter. Dogs are allowed in the off-leash area, though they are not allowed in the building and bathing areas.

The park is funded by the Wild Spaces & Public Places program, which is managed by Alachua County. In the 2020 fiscal year, it will receive $53,985 in funding from the program. This funding is to be used to renovate the park, including a new multipurpose court.

A new playground is expected to be installed in 2021. Another project in the works is the addition of a paved loop trail. Additionally, the park will be enhanced by more elements in the dog park.

Renovation project completed

Squirrel Ridge Park in southwest Gainesville, FL has a new multipurpose court, and a repaved loop trail. These improvements were the result of a renovation project by Wyser Construction and Charles Perry Partners Inc. The Squirrel Ridge park is one of several parks in the area, and is located right off of SW Williston Road and near the Meridian Healthcare Center and University of Florida Medical Center. This park has a lot to offer the dog owner or explorer of all ages. It is also the home of the Crime Victims’ Memorial Garden and is a well-used park.

There’s no doubt that a good park makes a good city. While the park is a bit tame compared to some of the more high-profile city parks, it still provides much needed space for people to exercise, play, and socialize. Check it out here!

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If you have a dog and you’re looking for a dog park in Gainesville, Florida, there are a few options for you. One of them is Squirrel Ridge Park.

Squirrel Ridge is a medium-sized dog park in Gainesville. It’s located on SW Williston Road in south Gainesville. The park has separate areas for large and small dogs. They also have a playground and a retention pond.

In the next few years, Squirrel Ridge will have a new playground. It’s part of a larger renovation project, which is funded by the Wild Spaces & Public Places program. Those improvements will cost $539,849 in the 2020 fiscal year.

This is one of the nicest parks in Gainesville. There are lots of open spaces to play in and plenty of toys for your dog to enjoy. Plus, it’s free to use. Additional info!

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