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Gainesville Granite Cleaning

Many homes in North Central Florida have granite kitchen countertops or beautiful granite floors in the bathroom. Those stunning surfaces are certainly something to be proud of, but they can also get worn out over time. Luckily, the team at Clean Zone can clean your granite countertops and floors so they literally shine. For over 24+ years, we’ve been the go-to granite cleaning company in Gainesville. Just take a look at our many positive reviews to see what your neighbors are saying!

Stunning Granite Cleaning Service by Clean Zone

Cleaning and sealing are our most popular granite cleaning services among our Gainesville clients. In many cases, granite surfaces are not properly treated when they are originally installed, which makes them vulnerable to dulling and stains in the future. That’s where our granite cleaning process comes in! 


At Clean Zone, we use a safe, tried-and-true method to restore the natural shine and beauty of your home’s granite features. We use 300 degree steam to completely sanitize the surface and open the granite’s natural pores. This method also removes those pesky mineral deposits that tend to accumulate around sinks and fixtures. By using hot steam instead of chemicals, our cleaning method is safer and more environmentally friendly than other common alternatives. Your granite countertops will be clean, shiny, and food safe! 


Once we’re done with the granite cleaning, you can choose to polish the surface back to its natural luster or seal the surface to close the pores and safeguard against stains and damage. Chat with one of our experts to find out which options is best for your home! 


To schedule your appointment for granite cleaning in Gainesville, call Clean Zone today at 352-380-0102 or fill out the convenient form on our website. 

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