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Gainesville Marble Polishing 

Is your once-beautiful marble beginning to full dull, faded, or cloudy? It’s normal for marble, whether countertops or floors, to begin looking worn-out over time. Daily wear-and-tear caused by foot traffic and cleaning chemicals will take their toll and reduce the stunning organic beauty of this natural stone. However, that’s nothing that marble polishing by Clean Zone can’t fix! Our team has more than 24+ years of experience breathing new life into old marble surfaces for homes and businesses throughout North Central Florida. Stop by our virtual gallery to see examples of some of our marble projects! 

Marble Polishing Service by Clean Zone

Polishing marble can do more than just restore the natural shine of your floors and countertops. The polishing process can also remove small scratches and knicks on the surface, making your marble look like-new again. We’re certain you will be pleased to hear that our Gainesville marble polishing service is both safe and environmentally friendly. That’s because we don’t use the caustic chemicals that many other marble polishing contractors in the area use. Instead, we use things like buffers and steam to strip away built-up dirt and minerals, in addition to buffing away minor cosmetic damage. 


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