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Travertine Cleaning in Gainesville

Travertine is a versatile stone that comes in many different finishes, styles, and colors. Throughout North Central Florida, many homes proudly feature travertine countertops, floors, and bathroom vanities. Keeping travertine in good shape from year to year requires some routine care, like cleaning and polishing. Here at Clean Zone, we have been Gainesville’s favorite travertine cleaning company since 1996. Our specialists are trained, professional, and equipped for jobs of all sizes. Just have a look at our gallery to see highlights of our work! 


Before we get started, we’ll do a thorough evaluation of your travertine surfaces to determine the best course of treatment. Since travertine comes in different varieties, including matte and polished finishes, and filled and unfilled finishes, we want to make sure your countertop gets the best possible care. If your travertine has suffered from serious damage like cracks, holes, or broken corners, we can also patch those up with our professional travertine restoration service. 

Gainesville Travertine Cleaning Experts

Our team uses natural methods to care for the natural stone throughout your home. Unlike other stone cleaning companies that rely on caustic chemicals, we use hot steam and buffers. This sanitizes the surface and buffs out surface-level damage without exposing your home and family to harsh chemicals. By the time we’re finished, your floors and countertops will look brand new again! 


To schedule travertine cleaning in Gainesville, all you have to do is give us a call at 352-380-0102 or submit the short form on our website.

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