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Travertine Polishing in Gainesville

Travertine is a stunning stone option that comes in many attractive colors and finishes. The versatility of travertine makes it a popular option for flooring, kitchen countertops, and bathroom vanities throughout North Central Florida. Although travertine is a sturdy stone option, it often fades with time, making polishing a necessary step in the health of your floors and countertops. Clean Zone provides top-notch travertine polishing in Gainesville, and have done so since our founding in 1996.


Our specialists are trained experts with all varieties of travertine. Whether you are the proud owner of honed or polished, filled or unfilled, we know exactly how to care for your specific type of travertine. For the polishing, we use specialized equipment to buff out scratches and restore the stone’s natural luster. And we’ll do all that without using any caustic chemicals. Instead, we rely on natural methods to polish the travertine in a way that is safe for both your family and environment. Let us breathe new life into your travertine floors and countertops! 

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Your travertine deserves top-notch care from trusted professionals. You can count on our team to assess all of your travertine flooring or countertop needs, then polish it using methods and tools customized to your needs. From polishing to full restoration work, we can do it all! 


To set-up travertine polishing in Gainesville, simply give our team a call at 352-380-0102 or submit the form on our website. 

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