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Travertine Restoration in Gainesville

Travertine is a popular option for countertops, vanities, and floors throughout Northern Florida. This unique stone is available in a stunning variety of colors and finishes. If your travertine is looking worse for wear, look no further than Clean Zone to make it look like-new again. We have provided 5-star travertine restoration in Gainesville since we were founded in 1996. During that time, we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience and equipment that we’re ready to share with you. Just have a look at our many reviews!  

Depending on the kind of travertine your home has, you may need restoration at some point. Travertine is naturally porous, but some varieties are filled to minimize staining and damage. If your floor or countertop was built with un-filled travertine, you may notice issues like staining, discoloration, and dulling more quickly. We can restore and revitalize both types of travertine here at Clean Zone. Staining, chips, and cracks are no match for us. We’ll fill in any damaged areas and then finish the project by buffing and polishing the surface to an eye-catching sparkle. 

Your Gainesville Travertine Restoration Company

At Clean Zone, our technicians are experts in restoring travertine counters, floors, and more. Whatever condition your travertine is in, we’ll assess it and provide you with a plan of action tailored to your travertine’s exact needs. 

Our specialists can repair: 

Chips: We use sturdy fillers to repair large chips, gouges, and broken corners. 

Cracks: We can fill everything from hairline cracks to major cracks by filling them with a blend that matches the color of the stone. 

Pitting: We’ll sand the surface of your travertine so any holes or pits will be totally removed. 

When you’re ready to schedule travertine restoration in Gainesville, simply give us a call at 352-380-0102 or fill out the quick form on our website. 

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