Restoring Terrazzo

Restoring Terrazzo

Restoring Terrazzo: Should You Hire Professionals?

Terrazzo is a four-layer material that was used in construction and art. The base of the terrazzo consists of marble or granite chips which are mixed with cement and poured into a mold. After it dries, the second layer of mastic looked like silk or satin is poured over the surface and then polished. This layer gives terrazzo a unique decorative look. It can be found unique geometric patterns, either on large patterns or on small ones; these can include stars, circles, squares, and diamonds among other similar options. In this article, we’ll be going over why restoring terrazzo should be done by a professional.

Terrazzo Restoration Gainesville FL
Terrazzo Restoration Gainesville FL

What Makes Terrazzo Flooring Special?

When maintained correctly, these floors will look good no matter the exposure to sunlight. That’s because the material is a mixture of crushed marble and ground cement. On top of that, it can be found in different colors and sizes, which means that you have endless possibilities when designing your terrazzo floors.

Types of Terrazzo Flooring

There are two types of terrazzo floors: mosaics and chips. Chips are usually used in smaller spaces such as restrooms, whereas mosaics are more popular in large commercial areas or lobbies due to their larger size. If you choose to go with mosaics, make sure that they’re installed according to the proper standards. Otherwise, this will lead to cracks and other problems along the way.

Cleaning Terrazzo Floors

Maintaining these floors is easy, however, it’s important to use professional equipment. You have to be especially careful when cleaning terrazzo because this material can get scratches very easily. If you find that there are already some scratches on the surface of your floors, don’t try to clean them by yourself with harsh products. Instead, take them to a contractor who knows how to restore terrazzo floors because different types of materials should not be used for these kinds of processes.

Terrazzo Cleaning in Bathroom
Terrazzo Cleaning in Bathroom

Restoring Terrazzo Floors

If you ever want your terrazzo flooring restored, make sure that the restoration process is done by professionals. Unfortunately, there is some confusion regarding the term polishing as it relates to natural stone. When polishing or restoring natural stone we utilize industrial diamonds to refine the surface and remove the scratches that cause dulling. There is nothing added to the surface like waxes or acrylic. This process requires multiple steps, using higher and higher grits of industrial diamonds.  Finally the stone shines on its own and the lasts for many years.

If you really like having beautiful terrazzo floors, make sure you hire professionals who know how to deal with these types of materials properly. That’s because there are many types of products out there on the market, but not all of them are good for terrazzo flooring. This means that some might leave stains or other things on your surface that cannot be cleaned easily.

Maintaining your terrazzo floors can be a tricky thing. You should keep them clean and polished to make sure they won’t get damaged, but it’s also important to know what types of products you can use. Not all commercial cleaning products are good for this kind of flooring material. So, hire professionals who know how to restore terrazzo floors if you don’t want your old floors looking worse than before.

Contact us now if you’d like us to help with restoring your terrazzo floors! We’ll send our professionals who will clean and polish the surface of your floors so they look as good as new ones! 

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